Welcome to Dekco

The next generation AI enabled RIS PACS system built by radiologists for radiologists, patients and doctors

Why are we doing it?

Because we're fed up!

Fed up of

Technology that doesn't cater to our real needs as radiologists and give us clunky software solutions

Watching our patients struggle with bent, destroyed, films and outated CDs

Seeing doctors not make the most of imaging to best help their patients

Squandered opportunities in implementing and building real AI solutions for imaging


We're a Yale trained radiologist (AD) and an IIT computer scientist (khivi) who want to end this nightmare, make imaging accessible to all, see imaging achieve its full potential by creating a light, fast, scaleable and constantly upgradeable cloud based software environment that helps

  • Radiologists improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Patients have easy access to secure yet shareable data
  • Treating doctors have relevant imaging information at their fingertips
  • Data tagging which enables nect generation imaging tools like AI to develop and achieve their full potential

Are you the next star?

We are looking for, enthusiastic engineers looking to grow in the healthcare space who will have an opportunity to work in a healthy mentored environment and be actively involved with a direct medical-engineering collaboration. If you think you are right email us at [email protected]


Contact Us

Corporate office:

210 Doctor House,14 Pedder Road, Mumbai 400026,India